• Carolyn makes me feel like I've been sprinkled with magic pixie dust!

    Beth M. Attorney
  • Carolyn took me to another place!

    Claudia V.
  • I never used to get facials because I couldn't tell a difference, but with Carolyn's facials I can!

    Christina B. Retired Speech Pathologist
  • I feel BRAND NEW!

    Monica R
  • Wow! My face feels like it's been Feng Shui'd!

    Gaye M.
  • My skin is doing great since my Dreamy Escape Facial! So many people have been complimenting me on my "glow." I had my monthly cycle and I didn't get crazy hormonal acne like normal! I think the Normal Skin Regime from Dermalogica has worked best on my skin. I thank you so much, because for awhile now I have been so conscious of my skin, and for the last few weeks it has been so great. Can't wait for our appointment in the next few weeks! Thanks so much again!

    Allison G., Teacher
  • After only three of a series of six LED treatments, my skin looks younger and much brighter! What really surprises me is the sense of well-being and calmness I leave with each time. I think of it as collagen for the soul!

    Mary Lee Y., Retired Librarian
  • This is about much more than a facial, this is about your soul!

    Sondra Patton Esthetician
  • Wonderful stuff! The smells are great, and Carolyn has magic fingers!

    Marsha P., Acupuncturist
  • My whole life I never had acne or even one pimple on my face--I never knew how truly blessed I was, until I had my daughter and my hormones changed and gave me a face full of ugly acne. I'm a real testimony of Dermalogica, and I will tell you why. I've used Mary Kay, Proactiv, Arbonne and several over-the-counter acne washes and I was still broken out as the day I started using them. I started walking with my head down and avoided eye contact. But after using Dermalogica products I feel like my life is back and the acne started fading away before my eyes. Before the traumatic experience of having pimples, I was pursuing a modeling/singing career and now I feel like I can go back to pursuing my dream, and I am no longer a prisoner of my skin. (Go to to see my result of my freedom from acne. Not only do I thank Dermalogica, but I thank Carolyn and The Dream Spa for her patience with my acne and her friendly service, knowledge and intelligence of skin care. Thank you from a true survivor from acne.

    Crystal S.
  • Wow!  My face feels like it's been Feng Shui'd!

    Gaye M.