Relax Results Rejuvenation

I use a variety of skincare lines in my facial protocols.  They are all plant-based and results-driven; Bella Pelle, Dermalogica, Skin PhD, Image Skincare, Christina Cosmeceuticals and Skin Fitness.  Much like when we use only one form of exercise, and don’t make progress, the skin is the same way.  The skin gets used to one type of peel and will not continue making progress unless we change up the ingredients.  We do Face Mapping at the beginning of every facial to determine what would best suit the skin type and condition for that day.   Some days, the skin may be dehydrated (from travel) or you may have an event that you want to be lifted for–many factors are taken into consideration when we make our mutual decision of what products to use.  There are no “cookie-cutter” facials at The Dream Spa.  So when you look at the many options for facials, don’t feel bad if you’re not sure what you want!  That’s what our consultation and Face Mapping will determine. I’m here to help you find just what you need to feel and look fabulous!

What is consistent in our facials, is our goal of prevention, wellness and graceful aging, which always leads to Results, Relaxation and Rejuvenation!

We have products for you to purchase for your home care as well; Jan Marini Skin Research, Bella Pelle, The Dream Spa’s own line, paraben and sulfate free and highly effective.  Shipping over $25 is complimentary!

You will Feel the Difference, Then See It!